Sew to Sow

A chance meeting...

Our journey began with a chance encounter at a hospital, where SF and KL met a single mother caring for her disabled son. Struck by her challenges, something has to be done for mothers unable to work out of the home. 

led to 'NAAM' by...

The name 'NAAM,' meaning 'Water' in Thai, is drawn from from the inspiration of 'Living Water' in the Bible, where Jesus promises Springs of Living Water to those who are weary and thirsty in soul. 


Their shared vision led to the birth of a social enterprise dedicated to engaging needy girls and single mothers who were either unemployed or unable to work outside their homes.


 Just as water is essential for life, we believe in a holistic approach to well-being, grounded in hard work, discipline, and the fundamental values of dignity, self-worth, and hope for every individual.

& Empowering

Through sewing, the ladies at NAAM are healing from their pasts and takes the lead in helping others to break the cycle of brokenness. Earning a clean income through their own hands is empowerment.


Commitment to quality fosters pride, self-reliance and ownership for our artisans.  We adhere to the highest standards by ensuring that all our products are crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Every Product has a Story

A story of transformation and the ripple effect of kindness. Every stitch represents a step towards a more promising tomorrow, and together, we continue to sow the seeds of positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

Dignity & Hope

Each hand-crafted NAAM product is unique. With handiness, own hands & hardwork, she creates one of NAAM's unique products. Stitch-by-stitch, they learn about dignity, hope and self-worth 

A Good Distraction

To pass time & occupy their troubled minds, small jobs are given to patients & caregivers while they stay at Living Waters Home. Stipends are given for every job done so that they can buy their next meal #counterdependence